How To Run A Great Marketing Campaign

How To Run A Great Marketing Campaign
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The Foundation to succeed in a marketing campaign is to do a market research. To know your biggest challenge and opportunity, get to know your audience and competitors.

  • Include varied respondents into research
  • By adding more profiles into research sample, one is able to know the existing customers along with expanding the reach into new opportunities.
  • Add questions about ability, gender, income, sexual orientation, race, education, and ethnicity can make a difference for your products or service

Get to know where your audience spend most of their time and try to interact with your audience as much as possible. It can include surveys, meeting offline or virtually.


Things to consider before writing a survey for market research?

Learn more about your user when writing a survey?

  • Consider the needs and optimize the market research to the needs of the audience
  • Check for font sizes and colors that are accessible to all.
  • Write your questions in simple and crisp format which is easy to understand and answer
  • Check the length of the survey. Often long survey creates a disconnect among the respondents if you are not asking the right questions
  • Use high quality image wherever possible. This appeals the respondents to fill the survey. You can use freely-usable images from the internet.


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