Facebook Making Further Changes To Keep Facebook Groups Safe

Facebook Making Further Changes To Keep Facebook Groups Safe
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New Updates On Facebook Groups Safety

Facebook groups are for people can discover, engage and connect with others around shared interests.

Facebook has curb the spread of harmful content and made it harder for certain groups to operate or be discovered, irrespective of groups being “Public” or “Private”. It also removes the group who repeatedly breaks the rules. It proactive detection tools work across both “Public” and “Private” groups. Even if someone does not report an issue, AI can detect potentially violating content and remove it.

Latest updates to keep Groups safe includes on how to keep recommendations safe and reducing privileges for those who break the rules.


What content is not recommended to users by Facebook Groups?

There are five categories of content that are allowed on our platforms, but that may not be eligible for recommendations.

  • Content that obstructs the ability to foster a safe community
  • Sensitive or Low-Quality Content about Health or Finance
  • Content that Users Broadly Tell us they Dislike
  • Content that is associated with low-quality publishing
  • False or Misleading Content

(More details about each category can be read here)

Recently FB has stopped removed the recommendations of civic and political groups, as well as newly created groups in the US. This also includes suggestion removal of health groups and groups that repeatedly share misinformation.

Fb here will follow the similar approach which it incorporated to its news feed i.e. show lower quality posts further down, so fewer people see them. Less likely people will discover a group when it starts violating the rules by showing them lower in recommendations.


Restricting the Reach of Rule-Breaking Groups

(Image Source: fb.com)

For new people joining the Group:

  • Let people know when they’re about to join a group that has Community Standards violations.
  • Limit invite notifications for these groups

For existing members:

  • Reduce the distribution of that group’s content so that it’s shown lower in News Feed
  • Require admins and moderators to temporarily approve all posts when that group has a substantial number of members who have violated our policies or were part of other groups that were removed for breaking our rules.


Restricting the Reach of Rule-Breaking Members

  • When someone has repeated violations in groups
  • Block members from being able to post or comment for a period of time in any group.
  • Will not be able to invite others to any groups
  • Will not be able to create new groups.

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