5 Interesting Things To Get Fascinated By Snapchat Ads

5 Interesting Things To Get Fascinated By Snapchat Ads
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Welcome to the Snapchat Generation where you can connect with Snapchatters which feels organic and two way communication. Snapchat Ads are the new way to engage with your customers. Lets see how.


Why Snapchat audience is important?

The Snapchat audience has purchasing power capacity, influence on household spend decisions, and choosing their brand preferences. If you can target these customers from the starting and hold onto them, you will have a loyal customer who would refer your brand to its audience.


As per Q4’2020 data:

On an average, 265 million people use Snapchat daily with average spend of over 30 minutes.

Snapchat reaches 75% of millennials and Gen Z have a direct spending power of $1 trillion (Millennials and Gen Z are defined as between 13 and 34 years of age)


Full-Funnel Solutions

From small and medium sized businesses to Large clients, Snapchat Ads are tailored to your advertising needs and business goals.


1. Advertise on Snapchat with just $5 a day

You can select your budget option by setting daily budgets, lifetime budgets, and spend caps within your campaigns.

Daily Budget: Average amount you are willing to spend on daily basis.

Lifetime Budget: Amount you are willing to spend during the duration of the campaign.

Spend Caps: Overall limit on the amount of money your campaign or Ad Account can spend throughout its lifetime.


2. Ads manager: All in one solution

One platform to create and test ads, build repots, monitor and optimize your campaigns towards your goals.


Ads Manager have two advertising workflows to choose from:

Instant Create: Create an ad in minutes to drive your campaign goal.

Advanced Create: Create ad sets with advanced targeting and bidding.


3. Optimize your campaigns with Snap Pixel

Measure, Optimize and Re-engage customers with Snap pixel. It also helps to build audience.


4. Bidding strategies

Goal-based bidding

Reach 50 purchases or sign-ups within 7 days wo unlock bids on lower funnel goals using Snap Pixel

Automated bidding strategies

Target Cost:  Optimize towards your target CPA goals.

Minimum ROAS: Optimize towards your target ROAS goals.


5. Targeting

Target customers based on location, age, gender, interests, demographics and more.

Advanced Targeting

Snap Audience Match: Upload customer lists and target them.

Lookalike Audiences: Target customers similar to your existing customers.

Mobile App Custom Audiences:  Target customers who have already engaged your app.

Pixel Custom Audiences: Target customers who have already engaged with your website.


Quick Tip to create a Snapchat business account

  1. Set up your personal account
  2. Create your business account (This can be done using your personal account to sign-up a business account by logging into Ads Manager)
  3. Launch your first campaign


Source: Instagram

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